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JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH

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About us

Jenoptik delivers world class precision optics and microoptics as well as opto-electronics designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.   Jenoptik is a development and production partner for optical, microoptical and coated optical components – made of optical glasses, IR materials as well as polymers. In addition we offer a wide range of opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems, modules and assemblies, it possesses outstanding expertise in the development and manufacture of optics and microoptics for beam shaping used in the semiconductor industry and laser material processing. The product portfolio also includes optical, microoptical and opto-electronic systems and components for applications in  digital world. Furthermore the focus is on laser material processing for diverse industries and lasers for medical use. We provide products along the entire value-added chain, e. g. highly efficient semiconductor materials, reliable diode lasers and powerful solid-state lasers.

Products and services

Jenoptik is development and production partner for customized opto-electronic, opto-mechanical and micro-optical systems, modules and assemblies. It possesses outstanding expertise in optics and microoptics for beam shaping used in the semiconductor and flat panel display industry as well as digital world and laser material processing.

Convince yourself about our unique competencies in Optics, Microoptics and Optoelectronic Systems:
Optics and lens assemblies as well as systems for laser beam modulation Diffractive, refractive and hybride microoptics for pplications in a spectral range from DUV to IR as well as filters, gratings, MEMS, IR microoptics for laser beam shaping Compact Imaging Modules and Sensors Polymer based opto-electronic ssemblies & components Photodiodes, LED, LED-Display Chips Semiconductor lasers, packaged diode lasers and fiber courpled modules for OEM solutions.

From components to complete laser solutions

From components to complete laser solutions

In the domain of lasers, Jenoptik has specialized in high-quality semiconductor lasers, reliable diode lasers and powerful solid-state lasers.. This product portfolio makes Jenoptik an ideal partner for the entire pulse width range, from cw to fs.

Optics - Experience High Precision

Optics - Experience High Precision

Wherever precise imaging, measurement, analysis,
structuring and machining with light waves are involved,
Jenoptik products are an international focus. We develop optical and coated optical components, optomechanical assemblies, optical modules and OEM systems at the highest technological level.

Our broad performance spectrum encompasses the
development and production of highly sophisticated optical
products – from individual components to fully-fledged
modules, from XUV to FIR.

Microoptics - A new Dimension in Optics

Microoptics - A new Dimension in Optics

Jenoptik offers a complete portfolio of micro-optical products featuring excellent performance. Customers can choose from a variety of options – from the design and rapid flexible prototyping to the manufacture of small and large batches of refractive, diffractive or hybrid micro-optical solutions. Capabilities to handle a huge variety of materials including fused silica, GaP, ZnSe, glass, Ge, Silicon, Sapphire and plastics enable us to cover a broad range of wavelengths from DUV to IR.


JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH
Goeschwitzer Str. 25
07745 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 652279
Fax: +49 3641 653658

Yuko Tanaka
Sales Manager Japan
Phone: +81 45 3450003

JENOPTIK Japan Co, Ltd.
4666 Ikebe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku
224-0053 Yokohama

Phone: +81 45 3450003
Fax: +81 45 3450013

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