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IDE - technology leader in vibration isolation, wafer handling and EMI cancellation

Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) is a global market leader in developing and manufacturing environmental control systems, such as active and passive vibration isolation, active compensation for magnetic interference and acoustic shielding.

IDE’s solutions are established and proven even for the most demanding applications in lithography, metrology, research and medical technology.

Furthermore IDE is a major supplier for wafer and mask handling robots, customized tool platforms and EFEMs for semiconductor OEMs. IDE’s product portfolio comprises a broad variety of solutions for the most ambitious industries in the fields of metrology and instrumentation.

Over 20 years of experience make IDE your reliable and competent solution provider. IDE analyzes environments with respect to application specific requirements, provides profound consulting and offers ideal solutions.

Products and services

Vibration Isolation

IDE leads in vibration isolation. With the largest number of systems installed worldwide and the most advanced technologies being developed year after year, IDE continuously maintains its position as global technological leader in active and passive vibration isolation. IDE’s product portfolio covers the entire range, such as

- Passive isolation modules
- Semi-active isolation modules with self-leveling
- Active isolation modules in soft mount or hard mount layout, cutting-edge floor and stage feed forward control

EMI Cancellation

IDE’s brand-new MK5 system provides the most powerful and versatile field attenuation; robust and versatile sensor design, large bandwidth and very low noise level make it the perfect solution for all fields of application.
MK5 - EMI Active Compensation for SEM and TEM Microscopy

• Most powerful and versatile field attenuation on the market (up to 55 dB)
• Excellent dependability due to comprehensive performance diagnosis
• Easy operation with sophisticated auto-tuning and touch screen control
• Extensive adaptability for demanding applications and strong disturbances
• Flexible sensor positioning due to compact design and large allowable field

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ATAN - Active Vibration Isolation System

Active Vibration Isolation Modules supporting the highest throughput and productivity requirements for optical and e-beam inspection and metrology equipment.

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Baladi - Semi-active and full active vibration isolation solution

Baladi supports mid-range and high-end semiconductor manufacturing equipment with their needs of high productivity, fast settling time and lowest vibration levels. The new Baladi product range closes that gap between classic passive air-spring isolation and state of the art active vibration isolation.

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News & Innovations

New ATAN focuses on the 11nm Technology Node
IDE’s ATAN active vibration isolation modules considered the ideal solution for high-throughput semiconductor manufacturing and metrology equipment. Continuing a decades-long tradition of developing innovative active vibration isolation solutions for the global semiconductor and metrology industries, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) is now highlighting its state-of-the-art series, ATAN - a hybrid suite of active vibration isolation modules. These have been engineered to accommodate a broad range of stage mass acceleration and payload capacities. This new series of ATAN modules is yet another example of IDE’s dedication to providing extraordinary, highly flexible isolators that meet, or even exceed, the demands of today’s ever-expanding global OEM applications. The ATAN active vibration isolation solution incorporates a complex hybrid isolation technology which provides outstanding floor vibration control and an order of magnitude improvement for stage settling times. Typical settling performance achieved has been below 50 msec for today’s 2G + stages. Currently, there are three size/capacity isolator options in the series: ATAN 500 - 2000 kg up to 6000 kg; ATAN 300 - 1000 kg up to 2500 kg; and ATAN 100 - 600 kg up to 1800 kg. According to Roland Kappel, IDE Director of Environmental Product Development “Our new ATAN modules are a primary example of IDE never losing its focus on global semiconductor manufacturing. IDE continues to develop unique vibration isolation solutions that make optimum results readily achievable in fabs worldwide.”
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How IDE satisfies demanding vibration site requirements in semicon fab cleanrooms
IDE installed TAW isolators on a number of unique mask qualification systems for the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer in recent months. Here, the IDE TAW systems met, without compromise, all the of the customer’s stringent X, Y, and Z requirements.

In the past years, several distinguished microscope brands have selected the TAW for highly dependable performance, joining a long list of satisfied users. The TAW is considered by many to be the primary vibration isolation system for CD-SEMs, E-beam lithography, ultra-sensitive semiconductor tools and sophisticated inspection equipment. Today, the TAW continues to meet the ever-increasing demands of IDE’s world-class customers, The TAW system is installed on the concrete floor of a fab or lab. The platform height is leveled to the same height as that of the raised floor. TAW platforms are typically 1.5 m (5 ft.) wide, 2 m (6.5 ft.) long, and 400 mm (1.5 ft.) high. They can accommodate equipment up to 6,000 kg (12,150 lbs.). Now setting a ten year record of exceptional performance, IDE’s TAW vibration isolators are specifically designed, fully certified, and continuously upgraded for cleanrooms worldwide. The system has been proven countless times to deliver highly optimized passive and active isolation. A decade of data readily supports IDE’s TAW leadership in vibration isolation for cleanrooms. The trend continues.
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